Useful Tips in Cleaning Artificial Grass After Your Pets

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Useful Tips in Cleaning Artificial Grass After Your Pets

Having a synthetic turf lawn is ideal for busy households that still want to enjoy the pristine look of natural grass on their property. One of the concerns of many homeowners is cleaning up the artificial grass especially when your pet is done with their business. The cleanup method depends on your pet’s waste. Wait for the waste to dry if the waste of your pet is solid. Remove the waste just like what you would normally do with natural grass.

Cleaning artificial turf from pet waste is more challenging with a wet or liquid waste. Use a sprinkler with hose nozzle in order to have an even distribution of water on the entire synthetic turf system. The water should infiltrate the turf, backing, infill, and base materials to thoroughly clean the waste. Avoid harsh acids, pressurized water, and cleaners that contain alcohol when cleaning up after your furry friend.

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