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Playgrounds are an essential piece of a neighborhood.  Playground areas are where kids play, parents congregate, events are held, and friends are made. Essentially, they are high-traffic meeting hubs of the neighborhood. With so much use, playground surfaces experience a lot of wear and tear, which causes hard surfaces, rocks, and dirt to rise to the surface of playing areas.

These hard surfaces can be hazardous and cause injuries to children who use the playground. While it’s impossible to completely avoid childhood injuries, upgrading a playground or daycare center with synthetic turf will provide a consistent, high performance, and cushioned surface for all recreational activities and play.

Artificial Turf: Reduce the Chance of Injury

Preventing injuries for children is virtually impossible as it is natural for children to play. When playground surfaces like sand and grass begin to wear down as a result of overuse, hard dirt and rocks underneath begin to show up and increase the risk of injuries. Synthetic playground turf provides a consistent and cushioned surface that eliminates exposed rocks and hard dirt that can lead to cuts, scrapes, and twisted ankles. High performance artificial turf also increases the aesthetic appeal of a playground as it remains bright and requires little maintenance to keep clean.

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Day care facilities have some of the most high traffic surfaces of any child-friendly environment.  With exposure to so many little footsteps every day, the flooring can take a beating. Whether you’ve got old tiles, worn down hardwood, or grungy carpet that needs replacing, indoor artificial turf is a great replacement option. Using synthetic grass indoors has lots of advantages. It’s incredibly durable, easy to maintain, provides a soft surface, and adds a whimsical and fun element to any child’s environment.

Artificial Grass for Daycare Facilities

Many daycare facilities also have an outdoor space for children to run and play in, and artificial turf is ideal in these spaces. With traditional outdoor daycare, playground sand and dirt can be tracked back indoors where it can ruin carpet and other flooring. Cement and asphalt can get extremely hot in the midday sun especially in Florida and the hard surfaces can lead to scraped knees and elbows. Artificial grass is a clean, cushioned surface that both resembles and feels like real grass. Artificial turf can also aid in the reduction of playground injuries, and can be easily cleaned with a hose or rainfall.

If you operate an indoor or outdoor daycare, or have influence over playground renovations in your neighborhood, then consider professionally installed artificial turf. With a lifespan of up to 25 years and an 8 year warranty, artificial turf installed by GoForeverGreen is a superb choice for any daycare, playground or communal outdoor space. For more information and a free quote contact GoForeverGreen today: (888) 226-0843.