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Maintaining a natural grass athletic field is labor intensive, time consuming and costly. Whether it’s a football field, soccer field, rugby field, or an all-purpose sports field, it takes a lot of work and money to make sure it is consistently usable and presentable.

Sports are often played in rainy or wet situations with little regard for the condition of the field. With natural grass, overuse in wet conditions can lead to large dirt patches, holes, and unsafe areas. Once the rain is gone and the clouds have cleared, maintenance crews are tasked with filling in holes, seeding, sodding, watering, and ensuring the field is up to par for the next game. Overall, maintaining an athletic field is expensive and time consuming.

There’s one simple solution to intensive labor and costs. That solution is installing long lasting artificial turf. Artificial turf, also commonly referred to as AstroTurf or synthetic turf, is an excellent long-term solution that can save time and money.

Artificial Turf for SchoolsArtificial Turf for Schools

High schools, colleges, and universities throughout and across Florida are making the switch to artificial turf for athletic fields. Replacing a grass field with synthetic grass can drastically reduce a school’s field maintenance and landscaping budget. There’s no longer a need for watering, sprinkler system repair, mowing, seeding, sodding, or any other necessary type of lawn care and maintenance. With artificial turf athletes always have a clean, smooth, and high performance surface to play on. By removing uneven surfaces, rocks, and holes, the risk of injury can be dramatically reduced.

Give the home team an even bigger advantage with a safe high- performance field where they can proudly represent their school.

Community Centers Need Artificial Turf

Community centers typically have multiple playing fields surrounding a main gymnasium or other buildings.  These community centers are great environments for kids, community groups, and anyone else who wants to get more active or socialize with others with the same interests.  The community tax dollars are often responsible for the maintenance costs for the community centers including the lawns and landscaping.  These costs can become quite high.

Using artificial turf for community centers instead of natural grass can drastically reduce the ongoing maintenance costs. With an 8-year warranty and limited maintenance involved, artificial grass is an incredible value. Artificial turf removes the need for a grounds crew, minimizes landscaping, watering and all other maintenance related to properly taking care of multiple grass fields. Turf fields can also be domed over during colder seasons to ensure comfortable playing areas that are useful in any weather conditions.

If you have a grass athletic field at a school or in your community, replacing it with high quality artificial turf can create a long-lasting and affordable solution. Artificial grass takes most of the work, maintenance, and cost out of properly taking care of an athletic field. Turf fields also reduces the risk of injury by removing grassless areas and holes, so every game is played on a smooth consistent surface.

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