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The Solution – Artificial Pet Turf Grass over Natural Grass 

Pet turf is a beautiful long term solution to many common problems unintentionally created by our beloved companions both large and small. It is natural for dogs to dig holes, run dirt paths, and to do their daily business. This creates mud holes, hard to clean messes and yellow spots throughout your once green and lush lawn.  All they really want to do is have fun and love you!  Synthetic turf grass will not only solve all of these common issues and look beautiful; it will also save you thousands of dollars in landscaping expence. Contact the professionals at GoForeverGreen for year-round beauty and durability in both large and small areas.

What is Pet Turf?

Pet Turf is engineered to be resilient, non-absorbent, and permeable. It is also designed to appear and feel as realistic as natural grass. Artificial pet turf will accentuate your landscaping and can be used for your entire lawn, pet run or kennel area.   


The Benefits of Pet Turf:

Safe for Your Pets

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Synthetic pet turf is very safe for your pets for many reasons including the fact that it is nontoxic and not hazardous in any way.  Fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals are no longer necessary eliminating the exposure of toxic chemicals and the related expence. Artificial pet grass also helps in deterring pests like ticks and fleas which not only keeps your pets happy but also keeps you’re tire family safe from carrying potentially un-safe critters.

No Holes, Mud, Dirt, Paths, Yellow or Brown Spotspet turf west palm beach fl

It’s natural for many dogs to want to dig in a yard and create holes. Artificial pet turf is great because it’s synthetic. You don’t have to maintain it and most dogs will stop any digging habits. You also don’t have to deal with your animals tracking in mud, which can leave your home a dirty mess.

Easily Cleaned

With natural grass, pet waste is absorbed into the grass, which typically creates ugly brown spots that can potentially ruin your lawn over time. Artificial pet turf allows fluids to drain through the turf and into the ground. This means you don’t have to deal with unsightly brown spots and lawn discoloration. In most cases, you can simply clean up the turf with a garden hose or scoop as you normally would but with much more ease.

If you’re looking to simplify your life and give your pets a safe and comfortable area to play, then artificial pet turf is the perfect long term solution. Commercial pet kennels have been taking advantage of this exceptional K9 Pet Turf for years.

For more information or a free consultation on a Pet Turf Solution for you call GoForeverGreen today at (888) 226-0843.

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