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Artificial Grass in Miami

Are you tired of spending countless hours mowing, weeding, and maintaining your lawn? With GoForeverGreen, you can have lush, green gardens that stay picture-perfect all year round, without the hassle.  

With our artificial ivy and artificial turf options, we offer a low-maintenance, eco-friendly solution that saves you time and money while enhancing the aesthetics of your surroundings. 

Artificial Turf in Miami, Florida

Artificial turf is a versatile and low-maintenance alternative to natural grass lawns. It consists of synthetic fibers designed to replicate the look and feel of real grass and it’s ideal for residential lawns, commercial landscapes, sports fields, and pet areas. 

With GoForeverGreen, you can enjoy the lushness of artificial turf, expertly installed to improve the appearance and functionality of your outdoor environment. 

Artificial Ivy Installation in Miami

Artificial Boxwood Ivy

Artificial Boxwood Ivy, also known as faux boxwood ivy, is a lifelike, synthetic greenery that replicates the appearance of real boxwood ivy leaves. It can improve a modern design and make the front of your home have a richer, more traditional feel. 

Boxwood Ivy is also used commercially to give the outside of buildings a more modern look and poolside in cabanas or tables to create a contemporary guest experience. 

fake ivy Miami Beach

Fake Ivy Hides Air Conditioning Units 

Fake ivy is used in homes and commercial buildings to hide unsightly equipment like air conditioners.  You can transform a backyard, side yard, or commercial property by covering all types of utilities and equipment and creating a pleasant view for you and your visitors. 

 PermaLeaf® Artificial Ivy 

We use only the top artificial ivy products, and it doesn’t get any better than PermaLeaf®.  

PermaLeaf® is a weatherable plastic designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions caused by wind, water, snow and sun. It’s the only fade-tested product that had NO COLOR LOSS detectable by sight after exposure to UV rays equivalent to Miami, Florida or Phoenix, Arizona. 

While design and testing establish a baseline for a product’s expected performance, nothing shows the value of a product like a warranty. That’s why PermaLeaf® also offers an industry-leading warranty on its product. 

PermaLeaf® has the following qualities: 

  • UV stable and light fast 
  • Unmatched realism 
  • Commercial grade 
  • Built to last 
  • The best in its class 
  • Internationally recognized testing 
  • No maintenance needed 


Where Do We Do Artificial Ivy Installation in Miami-Dade? 

  • Coral Gables 
  • Key Biscayne 
  • Miami 
  • Miami Beach 
  • Miami Gardens 
  • North Miami Beach