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Artificial Boxwood Ivy

Artificial Boxwood Ivy can enhance a modern design or make the front of your home have a richer, more traditional feel.  Boxwood Ivy is used commercially for the outside of buildings for a more modern look and poolside in cabanas or tables for a contemporary guest experience.

Artificial Boxwood Hedges

Unfortunately many back yard pools don’t have much privacy – they have low walls that don’t keep out the prying eyes of nosy neighbors. An extra foot or two added to walls can make a world of difference.

fake ivy Miami BeachMany homeowners are frustrated because enlarging existing walls can cost thousands of dollars and require building permits and all the hassles associated with that. There is a better way however. Homeowners can install artificial boxwood hedge to their existing walls and make an extension of a foot or more that not only increases privacy, but looks great.

The end result can be a back yard sanctuary that is the envy of your neighbors.

Most people have never seen a faux boxwood hedge so they can’t believe it’s not real when they do.  The nice thing about artificial boxwood plants is they are relatively inexpensive, require no water and no maintenance.

We offer fake privacy hedge panels for events, production companies and private homeowner who want privacy or shade panels and the sun changes position throughout the day.  We custom build fake hedge to your specifications and encourage customers to call to see if we can meet your unique needs.

Fake Ivy Hides Air Conditioning Unitsartificial ivy miami

Fake Ivy is used commonly for both commercial and residential applications to hide unsightly equipment like air conditioners.  You can transform a backyard, side yard or commercial property with the use of artificial ivy to cover all types of utilities and equipment and create a seamless pleasant view for you and your visitors.

PermaLeaf® Artificial Ivy

We use only the top artificial ivy products and to us it doesn’t get any better than PermaLeaf®. 

Expertly Designed:

PermaLeaf® is a specially formulated weatherable plastic designed and engineered to withstand harsh outdoor conditions caused by wind, water, snow and sun.

Thoroughly Tested:

PermaLeaf® is the only fade tested product that had NO COLOR LOSS detectable by sight after exposure to UV rays equivalent to Miami, Florida or Phoenix, Arizona.

The PermaLeaf® Warranty:

While design and testing establishes a baseline for a products expected performance, nothing quite communicates the value of a product like a warranty. PermaLeaf® offers an industry leading warranty on its product.


  •  Is UV stable and light fast
  • Has unmatched realism
  • Commercial grade
  • Is built to last
  • Is Best in Class
  • Testing is Internationally recognized 
  • Maintenance free

GoForeverGreen specializes in fake ivy and artificial plants. Call today for a free consultation.


We install Artificial Ivy in the following Miami-Dade Cities:

Coral Gables, Key Biscayne, Miami, Miami Beach, Miami Gardens, North Miami Beach.

We install Artificial Ivy in the following Miami-Dade Zip Code Areas:

33109   33119   33139   33140   33141   33154   33239   33101   33102   33106   33111   33112   33116   33122   33124   33125   33126   33127   33128   33129   33130   33131   33132   33133   33134   33135   33136   33137   33138   33142   33143   33144   33145   33146   33147   33150   33151   33152   33153   33155   33156   33157   33158   33159   33161   33162   33163   33164   33165   33166   33167   33168   33169   33170   33172   33173   33174   33175   33176   33177   33178   33179   33180   33181   33182   33183   33184   33185   33186   33187   33188   33189   33190   33193   33194   33196   33197   33199   33206   33222   33231   33233   33234   33238   33242   33243   33245   33247   33255   33256   33257   33261   33265   33266   33269   33280   33283   33296   33299   33114   33149   33056   33160