FAQs about Synthetic Lawns and Landscapes

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FAQs about Synthetic Lawns and Landscapes

As the name implies, synthetic lawns and landscapes have artificial grass and turf as one of its main components. Some of the frequently asked questions about synthetic lawn are the length of its lifespan. Although there are no fixed warranties on artificial grass, the longevity of its use depends on the maintenance and upkeep. The foot traffic also plays a major role in the lifespan of the synthetic landscape.

Are synthetic lawns safe and healthy to users who are constantly exposed to them? Artificial grass, especially third generation or modern versions, is now compliant with safety and health standards. High-quality synthetic turf does not contain toxic or harmful chemical contents such as zinc and lead. Artificial grass is flame resistant and safe to use even in locations with extreme weather conditions or high temperatures.

Manufacturers of artificial turf continuously look for ways to improve their products including the quest to make synthetic grass recyclable to avoid wastage. Get in touch with us at Go Forever Green FL for more details!

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