Types of Putting Green at Home

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Types of Putting Green at Home

Having a putting green at home benefits golfers greatly, whether they are hobbyists or pros. This is the best way to hone their skills without having to go to the nearest golf course. If you are planning to have your very own putting green installed in your home, there are different types of putting green that you can choose from basically depending on your skills and needs.

The first one is the basic type. This is for the newbies or those who simply want to master their swings and strokes. The basic putting green features minimal curves and challenges. The next type is the one with odd shape, which is best for golfers with intermediate skills as it comes with curves and hills. It allows them to master their techniques at different angles. Odd shaped putting green is the best choice for small areas to increase the level of difficulty without having to eat up too much space.

For advanced level of golfers, installing a putting green on uneven surfaces with a number of hills and curves is the best choice. Although it requires a larger backyard space, it effectively helps players improve their performance specifically in estimating the distance from the tee to the cup.

No matter what type of putting green you want installed in your backyard, using artificial grass is always the best choice. Have your putting green installed by the experts at GoForeverGreen today.

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