Commonly-Asked Questions about Fake Grass Commonly-Asked Questions about Fake Grass

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Commonly-Asked Questions about Fake Grass

The following are some of the commonly-asked questions about fake grass Weston and their corresponding answers:

  • Is water absorbed by fake grass?
    No. Fake grass does not absorb water since it is not real, but it has perforated holes where water can drain into the base under the synthetic turf.
  • What makes the artificial grass stay in place after it has been installed?
    The infill material pressed down at the bottom of the fake grass is what makes it stay in place after installation.
  • Is synthetic grass expensive?
    Fake grass could be a bit pricey but you are assured that it is of excellent quality already. Plus you do not have to spend much for its maintenance.
  • Are artificial grasses environment-friendly?
    Yes. They are environment-friendly.
  • Can fake grass be also installed indoors?
    Yes, definitely. Synthetic grass manufactured by GoForeverGreen can be installed indoors or outdoors.

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