Artificial Turf Windermere – Raw Materials for the Manufacturing Process

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Artificial Turf Windermere:
Raw Materials for the Manufacturing Process

Quality artificial turf Windermere has industry-grade raw materials, to begin with. Newer versions of synthetic grass have components that have similar features to that of today’s carpets from the backing material to the plastic and polyester contents. The fibers for the artificial grass are polypropylene or nylon, designed into thin sheets and strategically cut into strips.

Artificial turf Windermere looks like biological or organic grass with either oval or round cross section. The cushioning system for the artificial grass is from polyester foam or rubber compounds. Modern synthetic turf is now improved with recyclable features and safety standards that make them even more high-quality products. Fabric panels for artificial grass meet quality criteria for durability, strength, and color retention.

Go Forever Green FL offers a huge selection of synthetic turf for both homes and commercial areas or landscapes. Talk to our customer representative today to learn more about our newest collection of innovative products!

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