DIY Maintenance for Artificial Turf Plantation DIY Maintenance for Artificial Turf Plantation

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DIY Maintenance for Artificial Turf Plantation

To make sure that your artificial turf in Plantation stays beautiful and luscious all year long, you need to have it periodically cleaned. You may choose to hire professionals to do it for you, or you can do it on your own. Spare yourself from the tedious cleaning tasks during the rainy days because rainfall is the most efficient artificial turf cleaner. But for the dry months, you may use the sponge mop with water and mild cleaning solution. Rinse.

For tougher stains and dirt, you may use faux turf cleaners that you can buy in stores. However, you must be careful with these cleaners as some of them are too strong that they could damage the turf. Some cleaners may need to be mixed with water and sponge while others may have to be applied directly to the artificial grass. Always read the instructions so you won’t damage your synthetic lawn. If you are too busy for the DIY maintenance, you can always call for us at GoForeverGreen. We will do the cleaning job for you.

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