Why Turf Grass is the Best for Sporting Field

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Why Turf Grass is the Best for Sporting Field

Artificial turf grass has already replaced natural grass in almost all sporting fields. Whether it is for a major league or grade school field, artificial grass has become the most preferred choice. This is because of the following reasons:

  • Turf grass is a lot easier to maintain than the natural grass. It doesn’t need frequent watering, mowing, trimming, fertilizing, and application of pesticides. The field is such a big place to maintain and very expensive as well.
  • Artificial grass, especially the newest generation, is a soft and as smooth as the real ones. Players don’t really feel the difference between the fake and the real, and it doesn’t affect their performance either.
  • Sporting fields make with natural grass tend to become muddy during the wet season, making it impossible to use. This does not happen with artificial grass. Even with moderate rain, it can be used continuously.
  • Artificial turf has no downtime. The field can be used right away even after a series of events up to 500 times a year without the need of major rehabilitation.

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