Common Queries about Synthetic Grass

Common Queries about Synthetic Grass

Here are some of the most frequently-asked questions about synthetic grass which you may find helpful. Synthetic grass experts from the best turf grass company West Palm Beach will also be glad to answer more of your questions and concerns about fake grasses and synthetic grass installation:

  • How long do synthetic grasses last?

High quality synthetic grass lasts for up to 25 years especially if it is well taken care of.

  • Do they look like carpets?

No, they do not. 100% US manufactured synthetic grass are very realistic-looking that you will even mistake them for real grass.

  • Will the color of the grass fade away fast?

No, it will not because their fibres already have built-in UV inhibitors.

  • Can they withstand different weather conditions?

Yes, they are designed and engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions.

  • How do they stay in place?

Synthetic grass experts from GoForeverGreen make use of 7” non corrosive spikes to pin down the edges of the turf. In addition, they also make use of eco-friendly infill material brushed on top to add more weight.


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