FAQs about Artificial Turf Grass

FAQs about Artificial Turf Grass

The following are some of the questions usually asked about turf grass Aventura and its installation:

  • Do synthetic grasses resemble the real grass?

Yes. They do not definitely look like your indoor or outdoor carpet. Synthetic grasses that are of excellent brand are very similar to real grasses.

  • Are synthetic grasses environment-friendly?

Yes. Synthetic grasses from GoForeverGreen are environment-friendly. They are made rom high quality materials that are not detrimental to health and to the environment. They are free from lead and other heavy metals.

  • Does its color fade when exposed to sun?

Quality turf grasses have built-in ultraviolet ray inhibitors in their fibres so you do not need to worry about its color fading away fast. They are also designed and engineered to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

  • How long will artificial grass stay?

Artificial grasses that are of excellent kind usually stay for 25 years especially if it is properly taken care of.

  • How does synthetic grass stay in place?

Synthetic grass exerts use an infill material brushed into the grass to increase weight.


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