Frequently Asked Questions About Synthetic Turf Frequently Asked Questions About Synthetic Turf

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Frequently Asked Questions About Synthetic Turf

Are you still quite hesitant about going synthetic? The following frequently asked questions will give you an idea about how going fake this time around is actually the better choice.

  • What are the advantages of artificial grass? Its main advantages include saving money and time, it is low maintenance, it improves lifestyle and helps with environmental issues.
  • Why install artificial grass? You will have a beautiful lawn that looks as great as natural grass but without the need to mow or water it, add fertilizer and worrying about being damaged by the weather.
  • Should I worry about flooding? Synthetic grass is permeable so you don’t have to worry about water running straight through it.
  • How long will artificial grass last? The answer to this really depends on the use you make of the lawn. Artificial grass used on football pitches is expected to last for over 8 years.

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