Care And Maintenance Of Artificial Turf Care And Maintenance Of Artificial Turf

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Care And Maintenance Of Artificial Turf

The great thing about installing artificial turf is the low amount of work needed in maintaining it. Caring for your lawn has never been this easy. Here is how to care for it:

  • Brushing your lawn – For the first 6-8 weeks, lightly brush the artificial grass on a regular basis. This helps the turf achieve its optimum condition. Brushing should be done once every month, in a number of directions to help keep turf pile upright. The fibres should feel lush, and bouncy.
  • Removing surface debris and vegetation – If you notice growth of unwanted plants on your artificial turf, use a moss and weed killer. The buildup of organic matter can encourage weed growth, and damage the drainage of your lawn.
  • Stains and marks – Using hot tap water can quickly remove most stains and marks on your lawn. For hard to remove oil marks, use mineral spirits and a cloth.

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