Difference between Natural and Artificial Grass

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Difference between Natural and Artificial Grass

There is a world of difference between the natural and artificial grass. Synthetic turf, as the name implies, has artificial or plastic contents. The most common materials in an artificial turf include polypropylene, polyethylene, and nylon. There are also UV resistant additives and color tones to bring out a vibrant green color on the product while protecting it from fading due to sun exposure. Natural grass requires regular maintenance, trimming, and the use of fertilizers and pesticides.

Artificial grass and turf only require periodic maintenance and not much on maintenance costs. Keeping the look and condition of your synthetic turf requires periodic vacuuming and a good drainage system. All in all, artificial grasses make the lawn and your landscaping project as beautiful and natural-looking as the real thing. Synthetic grass, plants, flowers, and foliage delivers the same aesthetic without the hard work.

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