Synthetic Grass Winter Park – Typical Installation Process

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Synthetic Grass Winter Park – Typical Installation Process

The typical installation of synthetic grass Winter Park depends on various factors such as the location and condition of the base. Pre-installation of artificial turf requires removal of existing materials as well as rough grading the area in order to get a solid sub base. It is best to call for the experts in installing your artificial turf because they have the expertise and tools of the trade to do the task, hassle-free.

The base preparation takes place during the initial phase of installing the synthetic grass Winter Park. A compact base requires vibrating, tamping, as well as rolling the required gravel in order to get rid of nails that could drive into the turf. Experts lay the turf, custom fit, and tuck the turf in order to hide the edges against the hardscape. Application of infill and performing the final groom completes the installation process.

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