Generations of Synthetic Grass Maitland

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Generations of Synthetic Grass Maitland

The evolutionary growth of synthetic grass Maitland proves the countless improvements that synthetic turf undergoes in order to cater to the changing needs of the customers. The undeniable expansion and popularity of the artificial grass market show how it is now a mainstay in modern lawns and property landscapes. Artificial turf first appeared on sports fields in the 1960s but modern versions are now suitable for residential and commercial settings.

The first generation synthetic grass Maitland is softer and cheaper compared to nylon with tight and curly fibers. Artificial grass that belongs to the second generation imitates the natural look of grass with the inclusion of sand infill in its installation to give the blades the proper height and standing position. The third generation synthetic grass highlights longer fibers and much softer polyethylene materials. It offers extra cushioning with infill modifications for lasting and cleaner use.

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