Build Your Own Tennis Sports Field South Florida Build Your Own Tennis Sports Field South Florida

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Build Your Own Tennis Sports Field South Florida

Is your old tennis court in need of a revamp? Rebuild it now using Flex Court tiles and watch the tennis balls bounce better. If it is time for a new Tennis Sports Field South Florida, redo it using Flex Court. An aging, damaged tennis court can be a dangerous place to play.

Flex Court tiles are the best material to use when your tennis court needs resurfacing. The interlocking cushioned tiles snap right into place over an existing concrete surface. If any of the tiles become damaged, you can simply replace those specific tiles instead of doing a complete court replacement.  It can cover up the cracks and uneven surfaces than can cause injuries if left untended to. Another great thing about Flex Court tiles is that is it low maintenance. All it needs is the occasional power washing to remove dust and dirt. And since the tiles are anti-microbial, you are assured that it won’t attract mold like the conventional tennis courts. Also, rain quickly drains through the tennis court tiles, allowing you to hit the court quickly after the rain stops.

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