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Residential Financing

New Financing Options are by GreenSky and are to be offered to EVERY prospective Customer.

  • Identify the customer by asking: “Is special financing of interest to you or are you planning on paying by credit card?”
  • IF SO…ASK: “Do you prefer Zero interest OR low monthly payments?”
  • IF Credit Card keep in mind when pricing to use the price financing guidelines below.
  • IF Cash/Check, keep in mind that if they try to go back to Finance or CC then the special discount does not apply. (This is why you MUST quote based on Finance/Credit Card on the quote form More detailed info below.

This entails the following guidelines, information and process changes:

Payment Methods

Sales Presentations are to be integrated with 3 Payment Options:

  1. Financing Options Available
  2. Credit Card Payments Accepted, We now accept DISCOVER also.
  3. Cash/Check Payments with discount.

5 Ways to Use

Payment Options to Increase Sales

Offering payment options from the GreenSky Loan Program to every customer on ever sale helps you close more sales and increase your average ticket size.

The questions is: How do you that? Here are five ways you can use payment options to boost your bottom line. They’re based on input from some of our most successful customers.

1. Don’t call it “financing”
For some people, financing has a negative connotation. Instead, use terms like Exciting Offers, Special Promotion, Great Payment Options, etc.

2. Promote payment options
Just like special pricing or free upgrades, include financing offers in your marketing on your website.

3. Make financing part of your standard sales process
Mention it early and often. Do not wait for the customer to bring it up. Payment options may clinch the deal or make ad-ons affordable.

4. Upsell with affordability, not price
Example: Your average window order is $10K and your customer is approved for $15k, you can help them to afford an extra $5k in products and services based on the added monthly payment, not the higher price.

Don’t forget: the GreenSky Mobile App makes offering financing options fast, easy and paperless. It’s available on the App Store or on Google Play.