New Financing Options are by GreenSky and are to be offered to EVERY prospective Customer.

  • Identify the customer by asking: “Is special financing of interest to you or are you planning on paying by credit card?”
  • IF SO…ASK: “Do you prefer Zero interest OR low monthly payments?”
  • IF Credit Card keep in mind when pricing to use the price financing guidelines below.
  • IF Cash/Check, keep in mind that if they try to go back to Finance or CC then the special discount does not apply. (This is why you MUST quote based on Finance/Credit Card on the quote form More detailed info below.

This entails the following guidelines, information and process changes:


Sales Presentations are to be integrated with 3 Payment Options:

  1. Financing Options Available
  2. Credit Card Payments Accepted, We now accept DISCOVER also.
  3. Cash/Check Payments with discount.


All related items are now available in the Dropbox folder >Sales & Marketing > G Financing & Credit Card > GreenSky Financing


  • Utilize the GreenSky App to submit the application for instant results and close the sale.
  • Be prepared, practice on the Greensky Demo.

  • Have the required “GreenSky Pay Acknowledgment Certificate Form” ready to be completed and signed with the sales agreement.
  • Have the 3 plan numbers readily available to enter in the app.
  • Print & have available for reference the Resources Sheet & 3 Finance Options form. (Note: Waiting on new Flyer on order.)
  • Note – We will be adding FINANCE AVAILABLE button link on our website. More info to come.

Please review all the information AND THEN call me directly with any questions.