Maintenance Tips for Your Putting Green

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Maintenance Tips for Your Putting Green

It is true that artificial grass used in the putting green requires less maintenance than the natural ones, but you still have to do some regular grooming in order to maintain its beauty no matter how heavy you use it. Dust, dirt, mold, and other debris are the most common problems that may damage the turf in the long run. They must be removed to avoid the costly damages.

The basic step is to brush the turf. Make sure that you use the recommended turf brush for the type of artificial grass used in the putting green. Brushing effectively removes the mold, dirt, dust, and other debris build up on the blades of the turf. Doing so also makes the turf look new, alive, and fresher!

Raking also effectively removes matting and makes the blades stand up like natural grass again. It also loosens the infill. Again, you should only use the recommended rake when you do so. Using ordinary rakes will only do harm than good.

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