Putting Green Installer Davie: Choosing The Right Putting Green

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Putting Green Installer Davie: Choosing The Right Putting Green

Practice your putting skills rights in the comfort of your own home by installing one right in your own backyard. When you talk to a Putting Green Installer Davie, ask about the varieties you could choose from: straight green and classic green.

The straight putting greens range from four to sixty feet long and are made out of high quality plastic and foe turf. These can be used in a home or office for casual putting or intense practice sessions. Some have raised portions around the hole for added difficulty, while others have movable portions for added distance. Others are mats that lay flat on the ground while others are raised with borders to keep in any stray shots.

The classic greens can range from six by ten feet to up to fourteen by twenty feet. Some putting greens can be even bigger and you can even have them custom made by some dealers. The size also dictates the number of holes ranging from three to as many as six. Most of the big putting greens contain six holes. These greens are mostly intended for outside use and are built to withstand most weather conditions.

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