Keeping Your Pet Turf in Great Shape

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Keeping Your Pet Turf in Great Shape

You artificial pet lawn must be in great shape all the time. Although it does not require stringent grooming as the natural grass, you have to take cleaning it seriously. This is because pet lawn tends to smell bad overtime, and with pet’s urine and feces left uncleaned, the turf will eventually get damaged.

Rinsing it regularly with water using hose regularly may get the job done. However, in the rainy or wet season, this might be a bad idea especially when there are biological matters left on the surface. It is best that you remove pet feces first before you wash them away so that it won’t get stuck in the drainage and cause blockage in the future.

During the dry season, you can leave the feces first to get dry before so it will be a lot easier for you to remove it, then rinse thoroughly. Also, schedule a disinfecting and sanitizing day. Urine and feces on turf produce foul odor. Approved cleansers and sanitizers for turf can be a good choice.

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