What To Look For In Quality Pet Turf

Pet Turf Jupiter: What Makes It Pet Friendly?

Consider the welfare of your pets at home especially when you many of them. There are many reasons that make Pet Turf Jupiter very pet friendly and a safe surface for them to play around:

  • Quality of turf –Not all turfs are created equal as they could be made out of different materials. Look for products that meet all environmental guidelines. It should also have softer, natural looking blades that won’t harm your dogs.
  • Odor protection – Odor is a great concern for pet owners. Urine is absorbed into the soil in natural grass lawns. With synthetic lawns, these have unique draining system located underneath. You could also install a turf deodorizer at the base during installation to guarantee odor-free turf.
  • Quality of installation – For quality installation, it is important that you let professionals do this for you. They can ensure that your pet turf is laid out properly and eliminate safety hazards.

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