Frequently-Asked Queries about Synthetic Turf Frequently-Asked Queries about Synthetic Turf

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Frequently-Asked Queries about Synthetic Turf

If you want to know more about synthetic pet turf Fort Lauderdale, the following are some of the most frequently-asked questions about it:

  • Does it just look like green carpet?
    No. High quality synthetic grass looks very realistic that you will even mistake it for real ones.
  • In what way are synthetic grasses friendly to the environment?
    Synthetic grasses are environment-friendly for three main reasons. First, you can save up on water since it does not need irrigation. Second, you are significantly decreasing chemical exposure since you will not use fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides. Third reason is that they are not made up of lead and other materials that are not good for the environment.
  • How do synthetic experts from GoForeverGreen make the turf stay in place?
    Fake grass experts make use of non-corrosive spikes to pin down the edges of the turf. In addition to this, they also utilize infill material brushed on top of the grass to add more weight and make it stable even more.
  • How many years will it stay?
    Synthetic grasses that are of really good kind can stay for up to 25 years.
  • Can they withstand different weather conditions?
    Yes. They are designed and engineered to withstand any condition.

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