FAQs about Synthetic Turf FAQs about Synthetic Turf

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FAQs about Synthetic Turf

If you want to learn more about artificial pet turf Aventura, the following are some of the most commonly-asked questions about synthetic turf and their corresponding answers.

  • What are the different uses of synthetic turf?
    Other than pet’s playground, synthetic turf is often used in lawns, athletic fields, and sports field surfaces.
  • Is synthetic turf environment-friendly?
    Yes. It is eco-friendly. Turfs from GoForeverGreen are all free from lead and other substances that could be damaging to the environment and to health. Also, artificial turfs are eco-friendly because you can conserve water since it does not require watering and you do not need to use insecticides or pesticides.
  • What makes the synthetic turf stay in place?
    Other than the spikes placed on the edges to pin down the turf, an infill material is also brushed on top of the grass to add more weight.
  • Do synthetic turfs last long?
    Yes, synthetic turfs of excellent quality such as those from GoForeverGreen can actually stay for up to 25 years if coupled with proper care.

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