Common Questions about Fake Grass Answered Common Questions about Fake Grass Answered

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Common Questions about Fake Grass Answered

If you want to know more about fake grass West Palm Beach first before deciding to upgrade your lawn, here are some of the most frequently-asked questions about fake grass and fake grass installation:

  • What are synthetic grasses made of?
    Quality synthetic grasses are made up of only the best materials. They are environment-friendly since they do not contain lead and other components that might be harmful to health and the environment.
  • How long does the installation take?
    It actually depends on the area that must be installed with fake grass.
  • What do synthetic grass experts use to keep the grasses in place?
    They make use of non-corrosive spikes to pin down the grass. But aside from this, they also put eco-friendly infill material to add more weight.
  • Will the color fade easily?
    No. The color will not fade easily even if they are constantly exposed to the sun since they have built-in UV inhibitor.
  • Are they guaranteed to last long?
    Synthetic grasses from GoForeverGreen can stay up for up to 25 years. They are designed and engineered to endure any weather condition.

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