Cleaning the Fake Grass the Safest Way Cleaning the Fake Grass the Safest Way

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Cleaning the Fake Grass the Safest Way

Many home and business owners choose fake grass than the natural because it is super easy to maintain. In fact, you can leave all the cleaning to the rain. However, if you want to maintain its shine and glow, you can also do the cleaning on your own. Water, mild detergent, and soft brush can do wonders. You don’t need high-end equipment to do it. All it requires from you is a little bit of your time and effort.

Bear in mind though that not all detergent will work best with fake grass. Some detergents are too strong that it could damage the grass. You can buy detergents that are specially formulated for artificial grass cleaning, or you can choose the mildest one you can get. Simply wash with water and soap, rinse, and it is good to go. Also, routinely check the installation. Is it still in place? You can get help from professional service providers like us at GoForeverGreen to avoid further damages to your fake grass installation.

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