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Artificial Grass for Dogs

Is your backyard littered with bare spots, muddy patches, or discolorations? Does your canine frequently track in loose dirt and mud? artificial grass for dogs, also Artificial Grass for Dogs miamiknown as K9 grass, could be the answer. You can transform your entire lawn or custom-create a small, dedicated patch of synthetic turf. It will protect your yard while giving your pup a safe and clean place to play. Plus, clean up will be easier and the patch will remain practically maintenance-free. This solution is ideal even for areas of heavy usage such as doggy day care facilities, kennels, and pet-friendly parks. Keep reading to see if it is right for you.

Protect and Improve Your Lawn

Many canine companions are considered part of the family, but that does not mean that they will not wreak havoc on the lawn! They tend to dig and roll around, exacerbating dirty and muddy areas and tracking remnants into the house. Plus, urine and feces soak into and tend to stain the blades, creating discolored or bare patches. Imagine having a clean, always-green yard area that your pet can play in but not destroy! GoForeverGreen specializes in custom-designed pet areas that will protect your property while giving pups a place to play and relax.

Fake grass for dogs is extremely durable, with a double-coated backing that makes it nearly impossible to rip out or dig through. It will prevent bare patches, which means no tracking in mud, and is also easier to clean up messes. Urine will move directly through drainage holes, and solid waste can be collected with a scoop or bag. It is easy to rinse off the lawn as needed, but it will not soak into the lawn and stain in the meantime.

Looks and Feels RealisticArtificial Grass for Dogs Miami

Are you afraid that your pup may not like K-9 grass due to texture sensitivity? The chances are that he or she will not be able to tell the difference! Depending on the product, our blade fibers range between 1′ and 2.5′ inches in length and almost all of them feel real. The numbers in the name of each product refers to the thickness, or density, of each blade. The higher the number, the denser it will be. We can work with you to determine the right thickness and feel for your yard.

From there, each patch consists of the blades, an infill material, and a blended rock base. The edges will be pinned down using multiple non-corrosive spikes, making it nearly impossible to dig up. The backing of each blade has small, perforated holes that allow for natural water drainage. Your neighbors may envy your lush, evergreen patch and ask for your lawn care secrets!

Avoid Costly, Time-Consuming Yard Maintenance

Synthetic turf is easy to care for, eliminating the need for watering, weeding, trimming, and mowing. Plus, there is no need to put down fertilizers or spray potentially harmful chemicals such as weed killers. When needed, we offer professional maintenance and repairs, but you will not have to do much in the meantime. Twigs and leaves can be ejected using a leaf blower, and occasionally going over the patch with a broom can help the blade fibers stand up.

K-9 Grass for Parks and Kennels

Dog parks are more popular than ever, but not every local government can afford the upkeep. Similarly, many kennels and doggy day cares need a dedicated lawn space that will stay fresh and attractive over time without the extra maintenance. One solution is to install a custom-designed pet area in a park or backyard area. For areas expected to undergo heavy use, GoForeverGreen utilizes a different aggregate blend in the base beneath the blades of synthetic turf. In addition, we offer anti-odor products including topical sprays and micro porous minerals.

Synthetic Turf is Safe for People and Petsk-9 artificial grass Miami

Fake grass for dogs not only feels realistic and looks great, but it is unquestionably safe to use. It is made in the United States, following years of research and development. In fact, our manufacturers undergo some of the strictest industry testing, safety checking, wear-resistance, and stability. The blades, aggregate blend, and base are also all free of lead and other heavy metals, making each patch a comfortable and safe place to play.

The GoForeverGreen Guarantee

All of our products, including the ever-popular K-9 grass, come with a limited 8-year warranty. We also offer a third-party insured warranty and expect our products to have a lifespan of about 25 years depending on use. We are the best at what we do, from designing your patch and choosing the blades and aggregate materials to installation and continued maintenance. Do you have questions or want to learn more? Get started today with a free, no-obligation consultation by filling out this short online form or calling us toll-free at (888) 882-1778.

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