Things to Consider when Installing Fake Grass for Pet Lawn

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Things to Consider when Installing Fake Grass for Pet Lawn

Artificial grass comes in different varieties. It is a must that you know them all before you pick the one to be installed on your backyard, especially if you intend it put it up as your pet’s playground.

Fake grass has different levels of softness, texture, and shade. Choose the one that is pet-friendly and eco-friendly. Don’t shop based on prices alone. Many fake grasses are being sold at very cheap prices that have not passed the environmental guidelines and are hazardous to animals and humans. Also, pick the one with the softest feel and natural look Compare the fake grass’ shade to the natural grass in your area, and go for the one that has the closest shade to the real ones.

In addition, bear in mind that artificial grass needs maintenance, too. Although you might not need to water it every day or apply pesticides and fertilizers, you still have to rinse it regularly to avoid dirt, dust, and mold build up. Pet’s urine and feces can cause foul odor if not cleaned. Keep deodorizers and sanitizers on hand to keep your lawn smell fresh and clean all the time.

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