DIY or Professional Canine Grass Jacksonville Installation?

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DIY or Professional Canine Grass Jacksonville Installation?

Proper installation is a must if you want to enjoy the lifelong benefits of having artificial canine grass Jacksonville pet lawn. DIY installation may save you a lot of money upfront since you don’t have to pay for professional services, but it may actually cost you more in the long run. Experts say that unless you have the skills, experience, and the right tools, do not dare to install the artificial grass on your own.

Before the installation, you have to prepare the ground carefully first. All humps and bumps must be flattened, and the ground must be free from any stones, roots, weeds, and other debris. Otherwise, it would leave spaces where water can penetrate, pool, and cause damage to the turf in the end.

Setting up the drainage system is also a very challenging part of the installation process. It is important that the water flows well to avoid pooling. Each piece of the turf should be secured properly in place so it won’t easily get detached especially when you have pets at home that love to dig holes.

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