FAQs about Canine Grass and its Installation FAQs about Canine Grass and its Installation

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FAQs about Canine Grass and its Installation

The following are some of the frequently-asked questions about artificial canine grass Fort Lauderdale and their corresponding answers:

  • Can artificial pet turf endure even the most extreme weather conditions?
    Yes. High quality artificial turf grasses are designed and engineered to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Their fibres already have built-in UV ray inhibitor so the color will be protected from the UV rays of the sun. As a result, it will not fade easily.
  • What are usually used to make the fake grass stay in place?
    GoForeverGreen makes use of non-corrosive spikes to pin down the edges of fake turf. In addition to this, they also brush eco-friendly infill material on top of the grass to add more weight on it.
  • What are the other applications of artificial grass?
    Aside from lawn and pet turf, it can also be used on the surrounding areas of your swimming pool, patios, balconies, and sports fields.
  • How long does the installation usually take place?
  • It usually depends on how vast the area that needs to be installed with artificial grass.

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