Artificial Turf Winter Springs – What are Tuft Binds?

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Artificial Turf Winter Springs – What are Tuft Binds?

An artificial turf Winter Springs creates an illusion to your lawn or landscape, giving it a more life-like look without natural grass or meadows. One of the important features in a synthetic turf is the tuft bind which is a force necessary to tug a tuft from the backing of the artificial turf. The ideal tuft bind or tuft lock measurement is 10 pounds or more in order to ensure the durability and lifespan of the product.

Using an artificial turf Winter Springs to replace natural grass is a practical and hassle-free way of enhancing your lawn and landscape. The construction process of synthetic grass requires adhesive glue for the backing of the turf. The glue secures the turf backing and makes it stronger especially with coated backing that withstands the elements and years of use.

It is important to make sure that the synthetic turf is high-quality and durable, starting with a strong tuft bind in its overall production. Go Forever Green FL is your source of high-quality synthetic grass. Hire us for installation today!

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