Synthetic Turf: The Different Variations

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Synthetic Turf: The Different Variations

Choosing the right artificial turf for your property is such a stressful task. There are too many factors to consider, and there are countless options out there. To help you simplify your options, here are the different variations based on quality:

  • Luxury – The highest quality of artificial turfs can be very expensive, but they are so close to natural grass that you won’t see and feel the difference. This is a perfect pick for your front lawn.
  • Mid-Range – This type of artificial turf looks real from a distance, but they, too, are soft and feel like real grass. If you are looking for fake grasses for your back lawn, this is the best choice.
  • Economy – If you are in a budget, this type of artificial turf is as good as the more expensive ones. They are durable and provide great coverage for large areas. There might be a slight difference in the look and feel as compared to the natural grass, but definitely, it works just as great.

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