DIY Maintenance of Your Artificial Turf

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DIY Maintenance of Your Artificial Turf

Maintaining your natural lawn grass requires a lot of money and energy to achieve. You have to water them regularly, mow, weed, and fertilize. Fortunately, when you opt for artificial turf whether in a residential or commercial setup, you don’t have to worry about all these. Artificial turf is extremely easy to maintain.

With proper installation and maintenance, the artificial turf can stay in place for decades or more. To maintain its lush green color, all you have to do is clean it either or a weekly or monthly basis. Other rely on the rain to do this, but for areas where the rain is uncommon, you can simply use water and garden hose. Sprinkle the water on the turf’s surface to wash away dirt and debris which may damage the product when left un-cleaned.

You may also use a mild detergent and a soft brush to remove stubborn stains. Dust and dirt can make the installation look dull and lifeless. Bring it back to life by simply brushing them off and rinsing them with water.

Also, spare some time to check whether the installation is in place. Call a professional right away if a piece of turf was detached from the soil or the ground. Don’t leave these minor problems unattended because it could lead to more costly problems later on. For complete artificial turf products and services, contact GoForeverGreen today!

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