How Artificial Turf Longwood Came to Be

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How Artificial Turf Longwood Came to Be

The conceptualization and birth of the first notable synthetic turf were in 1960 when a team of researchers came up with their first model. David Chany is the leader of the team that created the model from which today’s artificial turf Longwood came from. The first-ever installation of the synthetic turf in Rhode Island took place in the year 1964 in the recreation area of a preparatory school.

The creation of indoor astrodomes with state-of-the-art features and landscapes became a possibility with the introduction of artificial grasses and turfs in the industry. Today, artificial turf Longwood is a widespread feature for landscapers in residential and commercial applications. The popularity of synthetic turf and grasses is due to the fact that artificial greens require less maintenance and cost.

Artificial greens undergo various evolutions since their conceptualization in the 60s. Call our synthetic turf experts at Go Forever Green FL for your inquiries and other concerns!

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