Artificial Grasses in Commercial Applications

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Artificial Grasses in Commercial Applications

Artificial grasses and turfs are landscape features in commercial applications particularly gaming stadiums and sports arenas. Although these products are also applicable in other settings such as home and estate landscapes, the most popular options for synthetic turf and grasses are baseball fields and football fields. Artificial turf first made their appearance in Major League Baseball in the year 1966.

Synthetic grasses and turfs replace the grass field in the stadium with the main objective of producing artificial indoor greens for this specific purpose. According to experts, artificial turfs allow better and increased playability because synthetic greens make the ball bounce higher compared to real grass in the game of baseball. American and Canadian football stadiums utilize artificial turf since the year 1969 in Philadelphia’s University of Pennsylvania.

Other commercial applications of artificial turf include landscapes and facades for hotels and similar establishments. Visit us at Go Forever Green FL for more details!

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