Artificial Versus Natural Grass

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Artificial Versus Natural Grass

Natural and artificial grasses both have positive and negative features. It is important to understand their attributes before you consider having any of them installed. The following are just among its many differences:

  • Cost – Artificial turf is definitely more expensive than natural grass upfront. With the synthetic ones, you have to pay a lot upon installation. However, natural grass may cost you even more in the long run as it requires ongoing maintenance.
  • Aesthetic Appeal – With the advancement of technology, artificial grass manufacturers are able to come up with products that look and feel like the real thing. In the past, artificial grasses were not as soft and as comfortable as the newer versions today.
  • Environmental Effect – Artificial grass may have come from man-made materials, but it is actually a lot safer and friendlier to the environment than the natural grass. Why? It is simply because it does not require harmful insecticides and pesticides to maintain its beauty. Additionally, you don’t have to use mowers that add up to the air pollution.

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