FAQs About Synthetic Turf FAQs About Synthetic Turf

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FAQs About Synthetic Turf

If you are greatly considering having artificial turf Aventura installed in your home or work place, the following are some of the most frequently-asked questions regarding synthetic grass products and their corresponding answers:

  • What are the uses of the synthetic turf?
    Artificial turf has many uses. It is usually uses for lawns, playgrounds, golf tee lines, sports fields, patios, balconies, the area surrounding the swimming pool, and even indoors.
  • Does the color of the artificial grass fade away immediately?
    No, they do not usually fade away so fast despite everyday exposure to the sun because the UV inhibitors are already built into the fibre resin of the grass.
  • Is synthetic grass environment-friendly?
    Contrary to the common beliefs, artificial grass is actually eco-friendly because it can be recycled. The infill material that is used in installation is also environment-friendly.
  • What are the service inclusions of artificial grass providers?
    GoForeverGreen does not only provide the best types of synthetic turf but they have the best people to do the design, installation, repair and maintenance of the products.
  • How long does the synthetic grass last?
    It can usually last up to 25 years especially if it is taken good care of.

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