What Are The Advantages Of Using Fake Ivy Than Real Ivy

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What Are The Advantages Of Using Fake Ivy Than Real Ivy?

If you are a homeowner who is bothered by the fact that your yard seems to be very open to prying eyes, adding fake ivy can make all the difference in the world. Adding artificial ivy doesn’t simply give you a solution; it also beautifies your yard. Here are the benefits of using fake ivy:

  • It won’t fade or turn yellow – Leaves on live plants fade or turn yellow in time. Fake ivy is treated to withstand fading or sun damage so there is no need to worry about it losing its lush look.
  • It protects your wall from graffiti – A clean wall is an invitation for graffiti artists to be defaced. If you want to make sure your wall pristine, artificial ivy can be used as cover to discourage any vandalism or graffiti.
  • It adds appeal to your home – Hide your yard’s imperfections or anything you wish to conceal behind fake ivy. Adding a faux ivy privacy screen may hide any of these undesirable visuals, making your home look more attractive.

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