Types of Artificial Grass and their Effects

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Types of Artificial Grass and their Effects

Artificial grass does not always have the green color tone that you expect because product varieties could match and blend with its surrounding environment. Make sure that the synthetic turf color suits the other colors and shades that are dominant in your surroundings. You can find other color variations including pink, black, blue, brown, or tan. The color tone of the artificial grass is from the combination of polyethylene base pellets with other chemicals to create a faux grass effect.

Synthetic grass is ideal for landscapes with heavy foot traffic because there are plastic contents in artificial turf that could withstand the force and other damaging elements. Artificial grass provides extra cushion especially grass blade shapes that offer a much softer feel to the feet. Synthetic turf is a better and more practical option because they can last for years with proper upkeep and maintenance.

The impact of artificial grass is not only on your sense of sight but your overall lifestyle and budget as well. Visit us at Go Forever Green FL for orders!

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