How to Keep Artificial Ivy in Good Shape

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How to Keep Artificial Ivy in Good Shape

Although fake ivies don’t need watering, trimming, fertilizing, and pesticides, you still have to check on them and clean them once in a while in order to maintain its beauty. Fake plants can be made from different materials. It could be silk or plastic. Make sure that you know what kind of material your fake plant is made of so you will know what type of cleaner you need. Otherwise, you may end up causing damage to the plant rather than just cleaning it.

If the artificial plant is made of silk, it requires careful cleaning. Silk can get damaged with water so it must not get wet. You can remove dust and dirt by using vacuum cleaners or recommended cleaners for silk plants. For plastic plants, rinsing them with water and patting with cloth to keep it dry or air-drying will do. You may also use cleansers designed for plastic plants.

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