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Artificial Ivy Experts

PermaLeaf® Artificial Ivy

We use only the top artificial ivy products and to us it doesn’t get any better than PermaLeaf®. 

Expertly Designed:

PermaLeaf® is a specially formulated weatherable plastic designed and engineered to withstand harsh outdoor conditions caused by wind, water, snow and sun.

Thoroughly Tested:

PermaLeaf® is the only fade tested product that had NO COLOR LOSS detectable by sight after exposure to UV rays equivalent to Miami, Florida or Phoenix, Arizona.

The PermaLeaf® Warranty:

While design and testing establishes a baseline for a products expected performance, nothing quite communicates the value of a product like a warranty. PermaLeaf® offers an industry leading warranty on its product.


  •  Is UV stable and light fast
  • Has unmatched realism
  • Commercial grade
  • Is built to last
  • Is Best in Class
  • Testing is Internationally recognized 
  • Maintenance free

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