Different Shapes of Artificial Grass Winter Park Blades

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Different Shapes of Artificial Grass Winter Park Blades

The technical characteristics of artificial grass Winter Park make up its overall quality and function. One of the important features of synthetic grass is the shape of the grass blades, which comes in various shapes and sizes. There are different colors and blade heights and the extrusion process determines the dimensions of these artificial grass blades. The extrusion process in synthetic grass is like squeezing out play-dough in order to create different shapes.

Different blade shapes of artificial grass Winter Park serve varied purposes with unique effects for the lawn. Oval fiber in synthetic turf is common in landscape installations, offering a soft feel while maintaining durability. Diamond fibers with de-lustered textures maintain a sturdier finish while keeping the soft feel. Diamond grass blade is a common choice for residential and commercial areas.

Other blade shapes for synthetic grass include vista fiber, 3D W shapes, and flattened oval complete with spine fiber. Contact Go Forever Green FL for more synthetic grass options!

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