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Artificial Grass West Palm Beach

Synthetic Turf West Palm BeachSynthetic Turf West Palm Beach

Proper landscaping can not only improve the functionality of your outdoor space, but also help it stand out and look beautiful. Whether you want to improve a residential property or commercial property, landscaping can improve the look and value of your investment.

One thing that is often overlooked with landscaping is the assumption that grass will grow, stay thick and flourish in any environment.  In most situations, this is not the case.  Artificial grass has the ability to offer an incredible high-end look year round with minimal maintenance. In both residential and commercial applications, artificial grass will not only look great but it will save you money on maintenance, water and landscaping services.

Commercial Artificial Turf Solutions- Apartment Buildings

Residential property with multiple units will typically have some outdoor space.  If this is the case with your apartment building then artificial turf might be the best solution for you.  Apartment buildings, low-rise buildings, and condo towers often have nicely manicured outdoor spaces that create first impressions.  If these outdoor spaces are neglected the image and perceived value of the property can fail.

When it comes to outside areas like courtyards or landscaping around buildings, a simple and long-term solution is to replace natural grass with fake grass called artificial turf or synthetic grass. High quality artificial turf from GoForeverGreen bares an incredible resemblance to real grass and can last up to 25 years.

Lawn Alternatives: Artificial Turf for Your HomeArtificial Turf West Palm Beach

Some people enjoy cutting the lawn and spending money on water to keep their grass green and lush.  At the same time there are other people who are tired of the maintenance and expense of lawn care and have turned to artificial grass. Not only does GoForeverGreen have synthetic grass products that look just like real grass, it also feels real. 

Whether you have a big yard or a small yard, we’ve got the right product for you. If you’re worried about fading from the sun, our ProGreen Synthetic Grass has UV inhibitors built into the fibers, yarn, and resin, which keep it from fading over time.  This ensures that your synthetic turf investment won’t fade or deteriorate and will last longer than many other components of your home.

Artificial Grass for Playgrounds

Playgrounds are an important part of residential neighborhood, community parks and schools. They provide a place for children to play.  They also provide a place for people to meet, discuss the events going-on around them, and spend time with their children.  Typical playgrounds have benches, slides, swings, and other playground equipment surrounded by sand, dirt, or worn down grass.  These playground surfaces don’t always create the warmest, safest or inviting environments. With proper care and maintenance, a playground can look its best all year round. 

Our question is…Why spend the time and money on all that maintenance? With a beautiful and long-lasting synthetic turf playground surface, maintenance like watering, mowing, and seeding can be drastically reduced or eliminated altogether. Synthetic lawn surfaces on playgrounds also provide cushion for falls and stumbles, so parents have less to worry about.

Artificial Turf for Athletic Fields

High schools athletic field and community fields with natural grass typically wear out as a sporting season progresses. Whether they’re being used for football, soccer, rugby, or ultimate Frisbee, cleats have a tendency to wear down and rip up grass. This leads to unsafe holes, divots, pooling water, and rough ground that can lead to injuries. Artificial turf, on the other hand, provides a low maintenance continuously smooth surface that provides players of all sports a safe environment to play on.

Field turf, as it’s commonly called, is installed with precipitation in mind, so when it rains the water is directed off of the field surface so there is no pooling water.  This means that the field can be used during or shortly after a storm. Field turf typically gets more foot traffic than many other artificial turf installations, but with proper care and maintenance it will last for years to come.

Artificial Turf for Commercial Properties

If you’re the owner or building manager of a commercial property, you know how much work has to go into maintaining a building so it looks and functions properly.

There is a significant cost attached to the maintenance of the grounds of a commercial building.  Artificial turf is one solution that can reduce the amount of maintenance required to keep your building looking its best.  It is also a great way to save money in the long run. By replacing your commercial grass with synthetic grass, you can eliminate the need for watering, sprinkler system maintenance, and lawn care.

Your maintenance staff will have more time in their day to ensure that other tasks are being attended to and taken care of, instead of worrying about how nice the grass looks. Artificial grass in a commercial setting looks great and provides a long-lasting solution that, depending on the product, has the look and feel of real grass and saves you money.

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