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Artificial Grass Miami Beach

Synthetic Grass Miami BeachArtificial Grass Miami Beach

Artificial grass, also known as artificial turf or synthetic grass, is an incredibly versatile, low maintenance, and long-term solution to real grass. Whether it’s being used in a residential or commercial environment, artificial turf has the ability to create a beautiful and flat surface that’s safe and durable. Many artificial turf companies advertise just one product for a“one-size-fits-all” concept , but GoForeverGreen has a variety of products for different applications. When it comes to installing artificial grass, it’s important to choose the correct product for specific uses.

Artificial Turf for Playing Surfaces

At first glance it might appear like the exact same artificial grass is being used on playing fields and putting greens. That is not the case however because the artificial grass used for athletic fields is intended for higher impact and traffic sports.   These types of artificial grass environments have different installation requirements.  Putting greens require a completely different artificial turf product that is designed to mimic how golf balls will react on a natural green just like a professional putting green. Large athletic fields have artificial grass that’s designed to drain water and enhance traction to help reduce injury and allow for use when wet or shortly after a storm.

Synthetic Lawn Products: Pet Turf

The high acid content of animal urine can lead to grass turning yellow and dying. There is a solution to this all too common problem.  Our pet turf is designed with drainage holes that allow for a fast and clean flow of liquid right through the turf.  

With synthetic grass products, like ProGreen Synthetic Grass, dog urine will simply flush directly through. Our pet turf is designed with drainage holes that allow for a fast and clean flow of liquid right through the turf.  Additional cleanup is as easy as hosing the area down or waiting until it rains. For solid waste, cleanup is exactly the same as it would be for a natural lawn.  Synthetic grass can is very durable and although there is no gauarantee, it is extremely unlikely that a dog will be able to dig through the artificial grass. A synthetic lawn is a great low maintenance alternative to regular grass in kennels, dog parks, and other places that have a high level of animal traffic.

Artificial Turf for Your Homeartificial grass Florida

Ensuring that your lawn is always looking its best isn’t as easy as it sounds. It involves watering, cutting, fertilizing, aerating, and more, which can be time consuming, back breaking, and expensive. Replacing the grass around your home with artificial turf drastically reduces the time dedicated to maintenance.  This increases the amount of time you can enjoy your yard.

Long Lasting with Proper Maintenance

An artificial turf lawn will last up to 25 years with regular use and proper maintenance, which is much longer than many other factors of your home.In addition, if you have an older loved one that just can’t keep up with their yard work anymore, artificial grass just may be the best solution.  This allows your family an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors with less work.

Artificial Grass around Your Swimming Pool

Concrete or tile areas surrounding a swimming pool can get really hot especially during the summer months and especially in Miami Beach.  Many people burn their feet on these types of surfaces. This problem can be eliminated by replacing the concrete or tile surrounding your pool with artificial grass.  An artificial turf pool deck can provide both a nice surface for your feet and a nice looking pool area. Our artificial grass will last up to 25 years if properly installed and maintained and can be extended from the pool area right up to your back porch or house.  Artificail grass can also work well with a wide variety of plants and trees creating a nice natural looking environment.  Pools already come with a fair amount of maintence.  You could save a lot of time cutting a lawn, pulling weeds and watering plants when you could be swimming and enjoying your family time.

Synthetic Grass for Commercial Uses

There are endless applications for synthetic grass in commercial settings such as lobbies, meeting rooms, common rooms, landscaping, and more. Whether it’s used indoors in your office space or outdoors in a picnic or lunch area, synthetic turf has the ability to provide a clean and relaxing environment for your employees or tenants.

Reduce Work Time with Artificial Grass

When you replace your commercial landscaping with synthetic turf, you’re immediately reducing the amount of work necessary to maintain the property surrounding your commercial building.  As a result, your maintenance staff or building manager will have more time to dedicate to ensure the rest of the building is clean and functioning properly. 

Whether you’re using artificial grass for dogs, a putting green, and athletic field, or any residential or commercial use, there are many advantages that will save you time and money. For more information about our artificial turf products and which one is right for your application contact us today: (888) 882-1778.

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