The History of Artificial Grass Longwood

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The History of Artificial Grass Longwood

The 50s is when the first-ever artificial grass Longwood came to be a solution to improve the physical fitness of youths in the inner city. The launch of an industry that produced synthetic grass took place in the Ford Foundation’s Education Facilities Laboratory. Synthetic grass and turf are features that first undergo testing for flammability of the surfaces along with water resistance and drainage capacity.

The use of artificial grass Longwood is now widespread with the latest products that have high durability as regards to foot traction. The large-scale installation of synthetic grass in Rhode Island occurred in 1964 with the plastic grass “Chemgrass” emerging in the industry. Nowadays, third generation artificial grasses and turf showcase softer fibers and resilient surfaces. These synthetic grasses are an application on residential, commercial, and sports landscapes.

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