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Artificial Grass Installation Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne is known for its stunning views, expansive beaches, and lush greenery. Does your residential or commercial lawn look dry, sparse, or discolored in artificial grass Key Biscaynecomparison? Maintaining a full, attractive yard can be expensive, requiring an immense amount of time and energy to water, weed, and mow it multiple times per month. Thankfully, having a green yard is possible without all of the extra effort. GoForeverGreen specializes in synthetic lawns, installing everything from putting greens to artificial grass for dogs. We stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge technologies and synthetic blends that look and feel real but require very little maintenance.

Synthetic Lawns Are Safe

GoForeverGreen is committed to customer satisfaction and safety. Our products are fully manufactured in the United States, under strict government standards and regulations. We use a variety of synthetic materials, none of which contain lead or other heavy metals. Our artificial turf is ideal for use for residential buildings, day cares, playgrounds, putting greens, and pet areas.

In fact, our grass is often safer than many of the materials commonly used for playground areas, such as wood chips or mulch. Such materials may contain sharp wooden edges that can poke children and cause splinters. Plus, unlike sand or wood chips, your yard will not ever wash away if we install it! Depending on the amount of traffic your lawn receives, it will last for approximately 25 years and comes with a third party issued, eight-year warranty.

synthetic lawn palm beachSynthetic Lawns Are Low Maintenance

Natural grass yards are often problematic for homeowners, business owners, and government agencies. For example, having to water a residential complex’s yard or public space could result in thousands of gallons of water wasted. Other common problems include:

  • High water consumption and cost
  • Problematic shade growth areas
  • Time-consuming chores including weeding and mowing
  • The need for pesticides to keep weeds, bugs, and ticks at bay
  • Uneven growth due to difficult terrain or the saltwater environment
  • Fewer sports programming areas as natural grass fields need to be rotated

GoForeverGreen understands Florida’s unique terrain and climate, and we have years of experience installing artificial turf throughout the state in a wide variety of applications. Our products are designed to withstand heavy traffic, making them perfect for day care centers, playgrounds, parks, and sports fields. However, residential homeowners will also benefit from having a practically maintenance-free yard. The grass can be occasionally swept with a broom to help the strands’ fibers to stand tall, but there is no watering, mowing, or weeding required.

Artificial Grass for Dogs

Pet owners rejoice: our turf eliminates dirt and mud! Your dog can roll around to his or her heart’s content without picking up any grime. Plus, the lack of natural k9 pet turf Key Biscaynegrass means that fleas, ticks, and mites will be unable to thrive. Many homeowners, dog parks, and kennels use artificial grass for dogs thanks to its easy maintenance. Urine will drain right through without leaving yellow spots. Solid waste should be picked up as it would be in any other green space, and the grass can be easily hosed off if needed. Our K-9 grass can be used across a wide area or to create a special dog patch within your backyard, side yard, or balcony.

Indoor or Outdoor Putting Green

When it comes to installing a backyard, indoor, or commercial putting green in Florida, GoForeverGreen is a well-known industry leader. As golf enthusiasts ourselves, we want to provide custom areas that fit your space, no matter your terrain or what you have in mind. We have years of experience installing everything from simple, backyard mini-courses to professional, sport-grade 9- or 18-hole courses. Our professional installation services include chipping, sand traps, and bunkers as desired.

Additional Artificial Grass Applications

In addition to playgrounds, pet areas, and private or commercial golf courses, we can install turf in a myriad of other ways. Do you manage an apartment building with a flat rooftop? Consider allowing residential access and making it a lush, green gathering place. Are you a homeowner whose waterfront property is prone to seawater damage? Install turf to avoid bare spots and all of the maintenance that comes with living on the coast. Or, are you affiliated with a government agency that manages public spaces or athletic fields? Ask about our cost-effective, low-maintenance, and high traffic resistant solutions.

No matter where we install it, our turf can help you reduce water consumption and eliminate the need for any noisy mowing or landscaping equipment. Our customized solutions are ideal for use in paving strips, as pool surrounds, and for patios, balconies, driveways, and walkways.

Quick, Stress-free Installation

GoForeverGreen is the best at what we do. In most cases, our dedicated, expert crew can complete a full install within a few days, with minimal disruption to the home or space involved. If you are ready to upgrade your yard, putting green, or local park, call our crew today at (888) 882-1778 for a free consultation.

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