FAQs About Artificial Grass

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Here are some of the most frequently-asked queries regarding artificial grass that may perhaps hep convince you to switch to using synthetic grass turf for some areas in your home or commercial property:

  • Does using fake grass do more harm to the environment?
    Actually, the use of fake grass is more environment-friendly because it is not made of lead or any harmful substances.
  • What if it rains? Does synthetic grass absorb water?
    No, fake grass does not absorb water but it has holes that facilitate the draining of the water into the base of synthetic turf.
  • Can synthetic turf grass be used indoors?
    Yes, synthetic turf grass can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • How long does synthetic grass stay?
    Synthetic grass from GoForeverGreen can stay for as long as two decades under regular use.

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